or the highway

and of course i also held on to the bessie fish at the same time

Today was full of an all day cross-functional process review workshop facilitated by the Competent Consultants. No phones or other distractions permitted – which is actually a pretty great strategy.

It was actually pretty great because the majority of the participants were invested in making big improvements – but there is always one person who is wedded to a ridiculous status quo, which makes for an exhausting  day. Especially exhausting when I am leading this project and have to expend lots of energy being all enthusiastic, justifying the rationale for change, hand holding and bringing people on the journey. Mostly what I want to do after a couple of hours is tell them to STFU because we need to drag ourselves away from work practices that were probably outdated in 1978.

More fun tomorrow wrangling the leadership team in another lengthy meeting.

(I have come to realise that I kind of do like meetings- which is fortunate because it seems to be where I spend most of my life).

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