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A few weeks ago during the Ruthless Decluttering of Bessie’s wardrobe, she also attacked a stockpile of completed Uni work.

Amongst this stash was a bunch of stuff from an assessment where she’d adapted a bunch of Joe/Frank’s very old artwork into fabric form. The assessment was to, well I don’t even remember, something about Community Groups and monetising something. I’ll update when she is home.

But naturally I wasn’t letting these treasures go anywhere!


Based on this fish:

Quite why I have been hanging onto that fish for well over 10 years is something I cannot explain.


Another napkin from a not-quite-so-elderly drawing:

When he was a small boy he really loved to draw maps, so he whipped up another for the project:


There were also two t-shirts which I have yet to photograph, but which I adore.


So far we have a pretty great stash of items from Design Student Bessie, I should document these more rigorously.

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