hearts from all the things

hearts! inspired by the excellent katy (aka taxmom)

Part of the very ruthless Japan-inspired decluttering was attacking the two boxes of hardware that I so lovingly organised a few months ago1

I’ve had these letters for around 12-13 years. I remember scrambling through various boxes and drawers at the bower to grab every letter they had – which is nowhere near a full alphabet.

Why? I have no idea – I really liked the typeface and they seemed like something that might come in useful some day. Not surprisingly they really haven’t – although we did have a couple affixed to an ancient computer of Joan’s shortly after acquiring them and two letters featured in Bessie’s major artwork for her final year of High School.

I seem to be a bit of a magpie when it comes to letters – there are several small stashes I’ve acquired over time from various locations and done precisely nothing with.

My diverse non-complete collection is mostly all being packed up and donated (some re-donated) to the bower (along with a bunch of other hardware bits) for someone else to pick through and delight in.

It’s actually pretty refreshing to make these ruthless decisions.

The challenge will be to keep the momentum up!


1 Eeeep! How was that eleven months ago?

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    • I’ve been turning over ideas for all manner of hearts-made-from-things since that comment!

      I don’t know how you resisted buying those letters – you are a stronger woman than I.

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