more tiring than you’d suppose

Don and I were up early this morning to tackle tidying the garage – which was horribly cluttered and messy.

There was a fair bit of culling, Don traded in an old set of golf clubs for a new golf bag, we took a bunch of stuff to the charity shop and binned (or recycled where appropriate) a whole bunch of other stuff.

It is by no means the end of the decluttering and tidying, but an excellent start.

And then I tackled the various containers of screws, nuts, bolts and other miscellany – collected over many, many years:

Each of them held roughly the same contents:

But after a couple of hours on the loungeroom floor accompanied by old episodes of grand designs, it had turned into this:

And in amongst the treasure, I found chubby wee space bunnies!

Next up, having a serious talk with ourselves about our camping gear.

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