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It was apparently pretty hot today – not so in the SML igloo, where it was only slightly less icy than normal. But, slightly less icy enough for me to bust out my naked, lilly-white legs.

Joe/Frank, not being in an igloo, attempted to head down to the local pool to beat the heat, but it was over capacity and they weren’t letting anyone in!

I did my usual lunchtime sitting in the park under the shade of a large goblin tree – which was very pleasant and not at all unbearable.

I’m trying to train myself to be one of those ridiculously positive people in the face of the heat and be all yay! summer! Because really, living here, there’s no avoiding it.


My Miss Silver novels continue to be full of delight and silliness. I’m currently reading the 15th (Miss Silver Comes to Stay [1949]). I’m entranced by the recurring phrase “wind in the head” and today I came across “distressingly fond of pink”, which of course I plan to incorporate into the lexicon.

I’m a little perplexed by “I haven’t known you for seven years, have I? But if I don’t put something on this fire, it will go out”, but I’m running on the assumption that this is some superstition I’m unfamiliar with – what with living in the aforementioned insanely hot climate and having little access to fires.

I rather wish that I’d been keeping tally earlier, but hey – still 17 novels to make up for it.

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