but can I keep them?

styling in muji, shinjuku: moral capitalism | the rise of psychopharmacology

Several people commented on how well-rested I looked on my return to SML today. Knut even remarked that I looked 5 years younger.

Clearly I needed the break!

I managed to maintain my vacation zen for most of the day, though there was a bit of “why are you sending me this email?”, “we do what as a process?”, “why must we complicate everything?”, “why am I here?” – questions which, given my new role, I need to keep very much top of mind!

Also I think the holiday has given me the gift of realising that I don’t need to do All The Things All The Time (okay, I knew that already). And sometimes it is really okay to not be so driven to achieve perfection in everything. Maybe I should just let go of some of my insecurity, maybe. Maybe I am not a terrible failure of a person if I suck at stuff, maybe.

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