you’d really think i’d have learned this by now

heart on the footpath outside thepalace(oflove)

For the first time in an age I did not spend Monday all dim-witted, nor did I spend it surly, nor was I a flattened version of mynormally buoyant self. I put this down to taking a hiatus on the booze (yes, again).

This dim-witted flatness on Mondays would occur even when not a drop of alcohol touched my lips on a Sunday. I think the lingering effects of drinking (and not actually drinking that much) in general resulted in a bit of fog and grump. Malaise if you will.

I have observed the effects of alcohol on my mood, energy and productivity before, but the Monday-specific thing was a whole new phemomenon.

After an alcohol-free week, I am chock-full of vim and vigour and I actually feel like I might make it out tomorrow morning for a run before work.

I really do need to pay attention to this – perhaps in the form of signs all over the house, because it doesn’t seem to be sinking in. I think it boils down to acknowledging that when I chose to drink (which I definitely will on occasion) it comes with a trade off.

I’m just very glad to have a bit of bounce back!

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