getting there

baby kitty: queen of the giant scratching post

While I managed to not achieve several ActionItems on my weekend list (particulary after I was clonked on the head by a paint roller and tray when pulling down a box from a high shelf – owwwww), I did do some of the important things:

+ ran 2x 3km (quite challenging after missing a few weeks)
+ finished handwashing
+ drank no alcohol
+ acquired remaining “stuff to acquire” for Japan trip
+ made pie
+ wrote blog post list
+ made cake (in lieu of bikkies)
+ acquired kitty supplies

Not too shabby. Probably would have fared better if I had not had my head constantly shoved in a book – or been hit on the head (which is still a little hurty). How I accomplished pages of items in a weekend a mere 6(ish) months ago is quite a mystery.

I’m wondering if I can possibly cover off the remaining items during the week rather than collapsing in a heap after arriving home. Definitely would be novel.

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