50before50: revisiting (again)

One of the items on my June Action Items list was to review the 50before50 list. 

And so …
#2: 100km of fun runs – replacing with run a total of 700km (from 14 June 2016)
This item is now on the 3rd iteration! Given that my June run was cancelled due to inclement weather, it is extremely unlikely that I’ll get to the 100km of fun runs. To be honest, I think that was pretty unlikely even before the June run – there just aren’t that many short runs out there! 700km in 76 weeks will still be quite a stretch, but I think probably do-able without injury

#42: family laser tag or locked room activity – replacing with enter the Sydney to the Gong ride
I really want to enter this (very) challenging ride, needed an item to replace and this was it. I’m pretty sure my slothly darlings won’t be sad to see this one disappear.

There are probably a couple more that will need a good hard look at – mainly because they are not really feasible, but I’m going to hold out as long as possible before changing them. Maybe I can swing that trip to Europe with Joe/Frank? Maybe I will build a planter? And paint the 7 interior doors? Find a production of Macbeth?

I also think I need to set a hard cut-off for changes, I don’t really think it counts if I’m changing items up to the last minute, even if I set my own rules, man. I think I should cease making changes at the one-year-to-go-point, so a little time on my side – which will of course be gone before I know it.

2 thoughts on “50before50: revisiting (again)

    • Shauna! Thanks!

      Yep, I foresee lots of edits. I’m just pleased to have moved past the (very recent) time where I would have ripped myself apart for not meeting my “goals”.

      Ack! So much wasted energy!

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