slimy #4, #5 and #6

We left off with the skin care advent calendar mid way through May.

I was using #4: algae active fluid and finding my skin becoming horribly shiny, dry and tight – enough to be uncomfortable.

I assumed this was because of the combination of new products (the ampoule + the cleanser) so stopped everything and returned to the very basics – which actually didn’t do very much. Still very dry, tight and horrid.

I think what I was attributing to changed skin-care routine is probably winter, old lady skin and dehydration. I’m a horror for drinking not enough water during the day.

With that realisation, I figured I could bust out the advent calendar again.

#5: yet more algae active fluid

I didn’t even bother using this ampoule. I found it a bit irritating and wasn’t going to risk making my skin worse … just in case.

#6: revitalizing oxygen fluid

A little less irritating – definitely firming. Milky, smells a little like hair conditioner. I’ve been using for two days and I’m not totally hating it. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be “surprised” by at least one more of these.

#1-#2 is definitely the favourite so far.

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