reading 2016

And on with 2016.

As at 02/06 I’ve actually read seven books – horrifying because this time last year I’d read almost double this number.

⛑ Wrapped up the delightful and also silly Patricia Wentworth: Miss Silver series:
   ⚬ Poison in the Pen
   ⚬ The Gazebo
   ⚬ The Fingerprint
   ⚬ The Alington Inheritance
   ⚬ The Girl in the Cellar

Leo Tolstoy: War and Peace

Alex Duncan: It’s a Vet’s Life – wee break from war and peace for something light and silly – and read all in one sitting.
Leo Tolstoy: War and Peace – hated every character and wished we’d fast forward a century or so (they’d soon be sorted out then).

March | April | May
Charles Duhigg: Smarter Faster Better – The Secrets of Being Productive – loved The Power of Habit so was excited to read this, but sadly didn’t find it as engaging (to be honest can’t even remember most of it).
Leo Tolstoy: War and Peace – more struggling through March – the entertaining crib notes at got me through. Rather more interested in April and May.

3 thoughts on “reading 2016

    • According to the kindle I have 15% or 3 hours 16 minutes remaining.

      I could probably knock it over this weekend.

      I’m really enjoying it now. Though I’m finding the whole spoilers in the chapter titles both hilarious and maddening – what do you mean x dies?!?

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