Lots and lots and lots of rain this evening – thankfully, most of which started after I arrived home.

There’s a severe weather warning for QLD & NSW tomorrow amd Sunday – which doesn’t really bode too well for Don’s golf tomorrow or my 5km fun run on Sunday. 

It also doesn’t bode particularly well for harmony when 5 adults are trapped inside by the weather – though fortunately we all have our own little nests to escape to.

Let’s hope it not another 1 in 100 year storm – this would be our third such storm in two years I think. I really used to love the sound of rain and rain on the roof in particular, now after our unpleasant experience with (now fixed!) leaks, I just tense up and worry about ingress of water.

I think there will be a good deal of knitting and reading on my Action Items list.

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