probably a five year project

I’m still wildly enamoured of the ipad mini. I really hadn’t fully appreciated quite how bad the nexus 7 had become – really sluggish and unresponsive, no amount of restoring to factory settings &etc did anything much to help.

One of the more fabulous things I’ve done with the mini was to download the kindle app and open war and peace on the both kindle and the ipad. And they sync to the same place!

Truly, we are in the future.

Not that I would choose to read a book on the ipad of course, but good to know I could if I wanted to! And nice to be able to snatch a bit here and there if the kindle is not within reach.

And on the subject of reading devices … while in the throes of decluttering a couple of weeks ago, I took out the iliad and told myself I’d just crack the case to check on the replacment battery I’d need to source. I took it as a Sign when I didn’t have a torx screw driver small enough that I should add it to one of the bags destined for the charity shop.

I did love it so, hopefully someone can actually get some use from it. I felt a bit relieved afterward, all this discarding stuff is good for the soul.


This afternoon I spent a wee bit of time en-smallening the enormous pix on the past couple of weeks of posts. While I enjoy the convenience of uploading straight from the phone, the results on anything larger than a small tablet are pretty dreadful.

Back to editing photos we go.

I am going to have to make some hard decisions about blog photo storage anyway. Currently I’m using the “personal webspace” provided by my ISP (how very 2006 of me), but after the less than stellar experience during our outage, we’re looking elsewhere and our preferred provider doesn’t do the webspace thing.

The prospect of moving and relinking over 10 years of posts is, shall we say, just a little unnerving!

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