waiting …….

Still no access to the InformationSuperhighway – could be another 48 hours. ARGH!

It has kind of snuck up on me, but it is amazing how just about everything is online now – so you’re pretty much screwed if you don’t have connectivity. 

Despite this, I managed to avoid going into the office and reconstructed a couple of million dollars of calculations using some old emails and a document attached to a calendar invite. Thank TheUniverse for locally saved emails – stupid cloud.

And thank TheUniverse for physical media! We watched a DVD this evening rather than streaming something (which of course we couldn’t do).

And a little more unnerving is how many times I went to look things up (or look at things) on the laptop – dozens and dozens and dozens of times. Perhaps I need to have a good hard look at how I’m spending my time.

It’s not all pining for the Internet though. We did get out bright and early for a very under-fuelled 78.52km ride this morning (must carb load and take more snacks) – spectacular day, but we’re definitely feeling the sleepy and were in bed well before 9pm. I expect this means the kitties will wake me at about 3:30am.

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