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NewKitty is very encouraging

I’m up to 22 pushups! This is crazy! It is still quite hard and there is a long way to go, but I’m very appreciative of the slow approach. All very kaizen – oooh! look at me busting out the management nonsense!


I’ve spent the evening on the InformationSuperHighway (with the assistance of Joan who is expert at such things) searching for ideas for a handbag replacement because this bag which I completely love and adore is really reaching end of life.

The leather, which was, and is still, incredibly supple and buttery soft is splitting in places (like right in the middle) and professionals tell me that he really can’t be repaired <sob>. I think the fabulousness of the leather really led to the demise, I’m not too precious about how I treat him and he’s really not built for tough conditions. But he’s put in a stellar 2,159 days of hard grind (so far), so possibly it is time for a dignified retirement.

The difficulty is of course, that I love the existing bag so much that nothing quite measures up, but after my many hours of searching I’ve at least narrowed it down to a style. Well, mostly. Hobo or bucket. Maybe. Something unstructured. With feet. this is currently leading the way.

But I will take my time and not buy a ridiculously expensive handbag on a whim. Maybe something to consider as a present to myself if this <vague blogging> exciting SML opportunity </vague blogging> comes off.

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