slimy #1

On Monday I finally busted out ampoule #1 from the babor advent calendar I very-expensively impulse-bought back in November.

I use l’occitane immortelle precious serum every morning and I’ve been really happy with it, so I had little expectation that the babor stuff would be that much different.

I was wrong, I was totally glowing (in a good way) afterward. They are quite mental if they think that ampoule contains one application – I’ve been pretty free and easy with it and it will last at least 4 days. Though is pretty difficult to store.

The problem is that if I wanted to actually buy some, it is almost impossible to decipher what I’m actually using because the writing is so tiny and the package not well labelled.


Today was the hottest April day in 150 years (34°C!), so of course when I got home I busted out the vacuum cleaner and did the 3 flights of stairs and associated railings. I was quite exhausted afterward, but at least it is one task that I won’t have to do on the weekend!

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