easter break 2016: day four

After we’d had our usual morning coffee in bed, I said to Don, “let’s go for a little ride” and so we did.

Exercise? Check!

Rather shorter than the usual route – quite a bit hillier, which definitely got the heart going.

I’m starting to get really fond of this bike riding caper.


I took that good hard look at the garden and did a little re-potting and re-arranging.

Not the best pix, but looks infinitely better than it did! And ready for the (hopefully) cold weather.


Not on the list was buying giant hooks to hang our bikes on the wall of the garage – it has made a HUGE difference to the tidiness level in there.

[imagine pix of bikes hanging to wall]


And War and Peace … well, I finished what in my edition is part 1, chapter 5: Natasha and Boris and am about to start chapter 6: Anna Mikhaylovna and Boris go to the dying Count Bezukhov’s as soon as I hit post on this.

I was loving this when I started reading it, but suddenly one afternoon found the characters really quite awful and stopped reading for a couple of months. And worse, avoided reading anything else. I’ll push on a bit longer, but will abandon if I start hoping for everyone to die right this minute.


Tomorrow is the last day of my holiday <sob>. I will take corey-the-bike for his first service; attach the knobs to the coat rack; finish the plant stand.

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