easter break 2016: day three

Rather slothful today, a bit of pottering and an awesome stew made in dwayne-the-cast-iron-casserole and Action Items achieved!

1. finish pink skirt waistband
2. drill holes for brackets in and varnish plant stand
3. varnish coat rack


And after starting about 6 months ago, I finally finished converting that pink dress into a skirt.

It was pretty much all hand-sewing and while time-consuming, worth it I think. I was quite pleased with the outcome. As was the recipient!

This had been hanging about for an age, so I’m really glad to have it off the list!

We’ll ignore the fact that there is another dress I was planning to convert – which I may or may not get to!


The plant stand and coat rack were a little slow to get going owing to a flat drill battery. Holes were eventually made and wipe on poly applied.

In retrospect, I probably should have worn gloves to apply it because even after scrubbing with soap and water, my hands feel a little weird and sticky.

Now only one coat on one side of each to go! Then everything has to sit for 24 hours – so completing will be on the Tuesday list.


And for tomorrow? Take a good, hard look at the plants on the lower balcony, exercise (precisely what exercise to be determined), read at least one chapter of war and peace (a 50before50 project that has rather gone off the rails)

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