the meaning of life

Fortunately the ankle felt a whole lot better after a decent night’s sleep, so we could get out and ride. We got a reasonably early start because I skipped the morning journally type stuff and the pushups/situps, figuring I would be getting plenty of exercise to compensate and that I could reflect while I rode.

We chose an out-and-back route down to the George’s River and racked up 42km!

the route

The weather was completely fabulous and sunny. I do definitely need to organise a lip-balm with high SPF protection, but otherwise unusually managed to miss no spots with the sunscreen!

Apart from the start and end bits (where I largely rode on the road!), the route was pretty much all very flat bike path which was excellent! There were a good many cyclists out enjoying the morning (but it was never over-crowded), loads of runners about too which had me consumed with envy. I really enjoy riding the bike and especially spending time with Don, but in no way does it compare with pounding the pavement.

Some scenic shots in order of appearance. Truly, I do live in a very, very beautiful city.

Just after entering the Cook’s River path – it was incredibly still and the river all mirrory.


Naturally we had to stop to admire the golf course.


Abandoned grandstand, home of the St George Saints


Chinese market gardens


Airport control tower. I appear to really like shooting into the sun.


Botany Bay. Northern End of Lady Robinson’s Beach.


I was blown away to encounter this stone pine / umbrella pine grove beside the beach. I generally think of this as a totally Roman thing (one of my favourite bits of Rome – along with everything else in Rome). The InformationSuperhighway tells me this was an accidental planting from the 1930s.


If you squint at that horizontal thing in the distance, you might be able to make out a very land-locked jetty. The sands shift a huge amount in the bay and there is always a ton of dredging going on to try and stabilise the beaches.


End of the line. We decided against entering The Shire and turned around and went back to where we came from </shire joke>

It was a really lovely ride – very much recommended. Definitely not a ride for a sunny afternoon because the shared path along Botany Bay was getting crazy-busy with unpredictably wandering pedestrians by the time we made our way back.

We plan to head all the way to Kurnell at a future date, but that will be a pretty epic outing which we may need to work up to!

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