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You’d not think it from the temperatures and humidity, but autumn is definitely upon us – the sun is rising later and later. Sadly this does not affect the kitties very early demands to be fed. I’d already been awake for some time before this photo was taken:

And I hit the 100 (knee) pushup mark! Woo! Each time I find this difficult, I remind myself that we I started I could barely do 10.

The plan is to keep up with the 100 for a couple of weeks, then each day attempt to replace one knee pushup with a real one – so like 1+99, 2+98, 3+97 &etc.

Then it was off to see RelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio after a two week hiatus. Don had an early tee time so I busted out Corey to get me there. So quick and convenient!

Sadly the ankle had reverted to painful(ish) over the last week, which seemed to have been triggered by the longish walk to meet Don in the emergency room on Tuesday.

While poking and prodding, RelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio found a new area of pain on the top of my foot and decided it was probably worthwhile sending me off for an x-ray. So I called up, checked they could fit me in and rode Corey there too! I was delighted with my bravery. Though I did stick mostly to the footpaths, which were fortunately not at all crowded.

I was pretty sure that pokey bit on my heel shouldn’t be there and Dr Google confirmed that it is a heel spur. Dr Google also tells me that it is probably due to running (rats!), but there doesn’t appear to a any link to ankle pain. Back to RelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio on Wednesday morning to get an actual professional interpretation of the results.

After all the manipulation this morning I was pretty ouchy, so I’ve busted out the anti-inflammatories and am trying to stay off it. I do have the go ahead to go for a bike ride tomorrow if I’m feeling up to it. We’re planning a rather sedate less-than-55km route!

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