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I love love love my little spot at the top of the stairs.

desk now otherly oriented

It does have one down-side – it is insanely hot in the late afternoon. Sitting at my desk in summer is akin to being an ant under a magnifying glass and I can feel my skin sizzling. At other times it is just lovely up there.

I was all for putting up a curtain to mitigate this, but Don was all like “that would be too fussy for the space, you need a blind”.

I had a bunch of fabric, saved from the charity shop pile which I’d tucked, curtain-style into the top of the window frame so I could work in the afternoons over the past couple of weekends.

To be honest this was less than attractive so I decided to test Don’s blind theory with a couple of clear adhesive clip hooks, curtain rings and the same length of fabric, doubled over.

And it quite nicely clips out of the way when not required.

He was, of course, totally right and a block-out roller blind is on the future Palace(OfLove) spending list. But my interim AND FREE (and not totally hideous) solution will definitely suffice until that time.

I kind of really like this idea of doing things / testing ideas with stuff we already have – definitely fits more with the mindset I’d like to cultivate.

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  1. my local blinds and awnings company did a much bigger basic roller blind, supplied and fitted for less than $200 so it may not be as $$ as you think. Having said that, your solution looks good

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