50before50: revisions

I wrote back here about aligning projects and activities with my values and that I’d review my 50 list with that in mind.

I’ve FINALLY had enough mental capacity to actually do this. I made a pact with myself that I would absolutely do no worky work this past weekend, nor would I think about worky work (the not doing was more successful than the not thinking).

There were definitely some items which need realignment for a variety of reasons:

#2: run in a half marathon – replaced by: run a total of 100km in fun runs
This is more driven by practicality than anything. I’m injured. It is extremely unlikely I can get to that distance without injuring myself further. I was going to try for 10 x 10km fun runs, but I’m not sure there are actually that many 10km fun runs in the available time and might I hurt myself by pushing too hard?

Don suggested a total of 100km of fun runs – which is absolute genius. This means I can include shorter runs too! And already I am 13km toward meeting the goal. I would still really, really love to do a half marathon eventually – but I think it is much more of a long term thing.


#11: build a wee model boat from a kit – replaced by: attend a chamber music concert
While I kinda sorta of like the idea of making a little boat – what on earth would I do with the end product? It would result in clutter that would end up requiring a trip to the charity shop. It gives me the horrors thinking about it. Also, it is like 40 years later, I think I need to move past the whole “my parents wouldn’t let me …” bitterness thing.

Though I am a complete luddite who knows absolutely nothing about classical music, I did enjoy the one ACO concert I attended around 18 years ago. I like the idea of stretching myself culturally a little bit.


#25: see a moose IRL – replaced by: bike ride 50km in one day
I still really want to see a moose, but there are practicalities to be had – as in I have no plans to travel to any location where I might encounter one. This may be carried forward to the 60 list.

I think with my new enthusiasm for cycling the 50km bike thing is an excellent stretch goal – we currently can do 15km in just over an hour, so it doesn’t seem too unreasonable.


#45: knit a garment for myself – replaced by: knit a complicated shawl or scarf or throw
I love the process of knitting a great deal and find it incredibly soothing, so it seemed a natural extension of my love to add knitting a garment for myself to my list. I have 35 jumpers/sweaters/cardigans favourited in ravelry and I’ve bought a few of those patterns. Recently, I started on boxy, miette and silva and … stagnated.

When thinking about why I’ve not made any progress, I realise that I don’t actually like making garments. I like making hats and cowls and shawls and scarves, so why I am trying to take an activity I adore and turn it into something I don’t? Madness.

let the unravelling commence!


Still to consider:

#9: sew a garment for myself and wear it (pyjama pants don’t count)
I’m uncertain whether I’d actually wear a garment I made. I much prefer making things (including garments) for others.

#22: take Joe/Frank to Europe
I really, really want to travel with Joe/Frank to Europe, but whether this can be practically achieved before the end of 2017 is another thing entirely.

I think I’m sweet about the remainder – now I need to get on and do them.

2 thoughts on “50before50: revisions

    • There’s plenty more introspection where that came from! I’ve been all about navel gazing over the past little bit.

      I’m very much enjoying the process, but I really wish that I had done this sort of self-analysis when I was younger!

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