and i have special pink socks for the occasion

The kitties have now banded together to assist me with my 100 pushup challenge.

This is super-exciting because they so rarely sit within this sort of proximity to each other! It made for a delightful start to the day.

that stack of cardboard blocks helps me count chunks of 10

I’m now up to 72 (knee) pushups! Woo hoo! A couple of nights ago, I thought I’d see how many proper pushups I could manage …

A big 2.

I’m quite pleased that I have allowed 2 years to accomplish this because I think I’ll need every day of it.


My 2016 ducks membership pack finally arrived today:

another key ring to add to the stash

This collection is starting to make my bag really quite heavy, but it makes me smile every time I dig it out because it is so silly.

The fixture this year is a bit less insane than last. I don’t think there are any home games which start at 7:50pm (which means they finish later than 10:30pm) and this might mean I actually attend more than two games.

Go ducks!


Sun run tomorrow. I’m not a little nervous, but I am pleased to be getting out there amongst it and I am SO HAPPY to get to run for the first time in weeks.

My goal is not to end up too sore and I’d be stoked with under 50 minutes (which I think might be a bit of a stretch goal). Won’t you be pleased to be bored witless by my running anecdotes again?

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