at night, she was known to coat her face in raw veal and crushed strawberries 1

One of my (few) action items for this weekend was to tidy my horrendously messy desk:

I was in dire need of storage and there was really nothing for it but a quick trip to ikea where I grabbed the helmer drawer unit.

While I constructed it, I listened to this excellent podcast episode (love + radio: the living room – you should totally go listen, I’ll wait).

My first experience with metal flat-pack. I had to fold the drawers up! It was much easier and went more quickly than I had expected.

I think it looks roughly 80 billion times better (it’s a start).

I now have a drawer filled with blank notebooks because I am powerless in the face of (probably unintentional) amusing covers:

official notebook: it is our hope that this item will become your good friend and help to make your life enjoyable all the time
[from kinokuniya]

souvenier heureux: today becoming a meter of song, i will come to you again
[from: daiso]

recording good time: it’s just as important to record the ephemeral good times
[from: hot dollar]


1 glorious quote from an otherwise pretty ordinary article

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