bio-mechanics fail

So I’ve had that swollen ankle and lower calf for about a week now and had been avoiding any running until I could get to see a professional.

I’d not seen RelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio for well over a year and he is as relentlessly cheerful as ever. After a lot of poking and prodding, he eventually found an incredibly sore spot that made me wince in pain. So he poked at it repeatedly and diagnosed Tibialis Anterior Tendonitis.

This means fun physio tape – I always favour the red tape, rest, ice, elevation, anti-inflammatories and minimal training for the sun run (which is in two short weeks). I’m thrilled that he thinks I can get away with participating as long as I take it easy prior and dose up on the anti-inflammatories.

After I’m done with the run, we’re onto rehab – and no running until I have improved. Fortunately I should be able to cycle and it won’t affect my push-up prjoect. It could take a while to heal, if we’re not seeing improvement we could pursue a steroid injection.

The suspicion is that this (and my occasionally painful, previously unbearably painful, knee) is mostly caused from indavertantly changing the way I stand / walk / run because of my very painful foot injury back in 2013. Which means that I put most of my weight on the outside of my right foot (the red area below) and don’t evenly distribute it:

This would actually explain why shoes with arch support do not seem at all supportive on my right foot, but are perfect on my left.

I identified this last time I was injured and thought I had kicked it but clearly I haven’t. Okay, I completely forgot to keep monitoring compliance.


Because our options for activities are now rather (albeit temporarily) limited, Don dragged us out for the 10 minute walk to the local cinema to see the big short.

Honestly, I was expecting to just sit through it and tolerate it because I’ve hit GFC and sub-prime saturation point (Don being a bit of a documentary watcher), but I really, really loved it – the best movie I’ve seen in ages.


I’ve mentioned a couple of times that first thing in the morning (after feeding katze, coffee and possibly a bit of a small nap), I’ve been sitting down at my desk and writing 3 things I’m feeling positive or grateful about and 3 things I intend to do in the day.

Today I added a new set of 3 – which is 3 things that are worrying me.

So my 3 worries for today:
✚ that my ankle is screwed
✚ that I’m spending too much time faffing about
✚ that we’ll never complete the stuff we want to do in ThePalace(OfLove)

It sounds really negative, but actually it was probably one of the best things I could have done – got things out of my head and onto paper, where I am less likely to carry them about, brooding.


And lastly, I was forced to take a photo of Don’s terribly exciting week-end reading when I noticed it on his desk.

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