a little taste of freedom

Today I (voluntarily) handed my SML evil phone back. I really hadn’t been using it in ages (and then only for email) because those who want/need me will contact me via my real phone.

The process was actually more of a relief than I had expected, I’m glad not to be so tethered. And yet another symbol of the MrT era is cast to the whatevers.

MrT has apparently now left the building permanently – without official goodbyes to anyone. I feel like I need closure, we keep expecting him to pop-up and demand something complete unreasonable in a ridiculous and unnecessarily tight time-frame. I also feel like I’ve been released from some sort of long-term hostage-style situation.


Rye-an Seacrust is doing well (I think) and growing nicely, though it pains me to discard half of him every day.

I’ve been reading quite daunting bread recipes – this is definitely going to be quite the production.


Tonight we re-dressed Don’s finger.

The appears to be healing nicely, but is still quite horribly gross to look at – though nowhere near as dreadful as it was when he first chopped it.

Possibly less than 5 weeks until he should be fully functional!

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