phoning it in

obligatory foot + kindle shot

bin chicken (otherwise known as sacred ibis) wants my lunch

more feet – i’m very fond of these tights

closest the ladies have been in a while

I ducked out to the park at lunch, forgot to grab my “pashmina” and made do with sitting on my jacket. It was a kind of gloomy day, so there was really no temptation to lay about.

Interesting how many people do get out to the park for lunch. Some clever people even take blankets with them to sit on – eminently civilised.

Alas, I skipped breakfast once again. I really think I should take this off the list, I seriously doubt I am actually going to do this – and it is not like I’m hungry at that time.

Took too many photos of my feet and an over-friendly birds who wanted my lunch but would have been equally happy with the wrapping. Oh and the ladies, who were clearly plotting something.

I did 2x 30 second (well, 32 and 31 second) planks this morning and am about to get on to the evening lot (… done).

And yet another token post! I really need to lift my content game.

2 thoughts on “phoning it in

  1. I trained myself to eat breakfast by always having bananas and yoghurt in the kitchen so I could eat something without making any effort whatsoever. It worked and now breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day.

    • That’s a very good approach.

      I’ve never really been a huge fan of breakfast. I’m rarely hungry when I wake up (though could always murder a coffee) or even until about 11:30-12:00.

      I wonder if I should be forcing myself to eat something or should be just going with what my body tells me it wants. Though often my body tells me it wants to eat a whole packet of biscuits or block of chocolate in one sitting, so it is likely not the best thing to be listening to.

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