less talk, more … less talk

No blogging yesterday because:

AdventureJoan arrived home!

We had a very enjoyable family craft night on Sunday to prepare the welcoming banner – which was super-fun, we need to do more family craft activities.

Her return was all very super-secret because she was planning to surprise Ajax by turning up unannounced at their back door.

He was very, very, very happy.


But I did take photos:

Sadly, no lunch in the park. Luckily I managed my 30 minutes of reading on the train on the way home.

Nor did I eat breakfast.

All around not great projectlette wise.


Today though, park day! Perfect weather for laying about with a new book.

Finished the final 7 minutes of Rabbit Back Literature Society at my desk this morning. One of the more interesting features of the new space-kindle is that he learns your reading speed and tells you roughly how much time you have until the end of the book – I thought I would hate it, but actually it is pretty great.

No breakfast (fast day).

Photos – though only park + feet ones.


I think I’m going to add 2x 30 second plank morning and evening to the daily tally from tomorrow.

Actually … given that there is no time like the proverbial – I just completed those 2x 30 second planks (owww – core of jelly)

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