very quiet around here

queueing for check-in (best hair in the family)

Well, this day came much more quickly than we’d anticipated!

Long time readers will know that Joan is a very keen traveller. Today she flew out for a 5-6 month adventure.

She’s been madly saving for this for quite a while and resigned from GiantLawFirm in April – her last day was Wednesday. Her travel plan is that she has no plan!

Well, her first month is covered. She’s meeting Ajax in Amsterdam (they were on different flights) and they’re spending a month together in the Netherlands (visiting family), Corsica and Paris. Ajax flies home and then she’s on her own. The basic idea is Europe, USA, Asia then home for Xmas.

my baby girls

There were many tears (mostly mine). I am so proud of her! Such a brave and exciting thing to do.

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