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Thursday night was spent mostly awake and coughing – despite warmth and scarves and jumpers and vicks vaporub and heat packs and litres of cough medicine.

I did the sensible thing early Friday morning and emailed MrT, Vincenzo and the PA that I would stay at home. MrT took the opportunity to piggy back on my email, adding in Dr12, RHH and AnxiousMum, and alerting everyone that he was feeling a little under the weather and would likewise be staying at home to ensure he didn’t get any worse. GAH!

I slothed about on the InformationSuperHighway for most of the day feeling pretty miserable and coughing coughing coughing. I did manage to replace the elastic in a pair of Joe/Frank’s trakkie pants and fold some laundry.

Last night was even worse than Thursday – fortunately Bessie was at her other home so Don could retreat to her room for some sleep in the relative quiet.

Today I spent my time being miserable, reading more sewing blogs and untangled and sorted all of my sewing thread. I feel wretched, with more coughing (will it ever stop?), the beginnings of a rash under my chin (too many scarves?), returned earache and horrible flaking nose.

Truly I am the picture of radiant beauty and good health.

If one more person at SML tells me I should have had a flu injection earlier this year, I will breathe heavily on them, as it is I croakily remind them that I have a bad cold, an influenza injection in no way have stopped this.

I have no idea why I have been so sick this season – I really can only put it down to very intermittent exercise because I am eating more healthily than ever. Back when I was running a lot I feel like I was much less prone to illness, so I think I need to get back on that train as a matter of urgency.

4 thoughts on “the icing on the proverbial

    • The one and only time I had the injection was about 15 years ago when working at the SoullessPalaceOfEvil – I was so terribly sick afterward that I vowed to avoid another at all costs!

      I should probably reconsider as I’m now an old lady.

  1. It is not uncommon for people here to ring in to work to say they are off with flu but will be in the following day. People there is a big difference between a cold and flu. Sounds like you are really suffering. They always pass eventually so hope you feel better soon.

    • Thankfully, am slowly on the improve. Thinking is not so difficult now which makes it a little easier to, well, live. I hope I can avoid a repeat episode for the rest of the year. I might have to take to wearing one of those paper masks.

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