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I took the cold to the next level today with a relentless horrendous hacking cough which I am sure my colleagues all appreciated.

We currently have a part-time strategic HR consultant with us at SML. She’s an older woman who is very tight with the soon-to-be-departed-Dr12 and I sit in very close proximity to her office.

Just before lunch today MrT walked up to my desk and very loudly proclaimed, “carolbaby, you are so sick, you really shouldn’t be here, go home and get some rest and don’t come in tomorrow if you are no better”.

Yeah, so caring and considerate and totally not transparent at all.

After he left the team and I just goggled at each other because they’re fully aware of the pressure I’ve been under to come to work. I could sort of understand if we were busy, but it is a relatively quiet week for us.

I took the opportunity to get out of there a couple of hours later.

Of course even after his insistence that I look after myself and depart, MrT booked in meetings with me for tomorrow, but I’m planning to ignore them and stay at home.

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