oh and more rain

Oops – lost momentum for a bit there.

Over the past few days poor Don was the most unwell we’ve ever seen him – diagnosis: gastroenteritis, or gastro in the vernacular. Well might you understand my initial confusion at the term “gastro pub” being used for desirable eating establishments – they had a rather different connotation in my mind.

Don is now on the mend but still quite pasty and full of weakness and lethargy. He has been watching many, many sports documentaries and many terrible movies – thanks Netflix!

While this has been going on I have been pottering – tons of ironing while watching season 2 of the Great British Sewing Bee on gertie-the-elderly-macbook, cooking up cake, chicken stock, chicken tagine and minestrone and making Don another pair of pyjama pants while watching more of the Great British Sewing Bee:

pleased with the finishing + also with the soppiness

plonked on the bed doing the finishing

I was quite pleased with the outcome – though it would undoubtedly be much cheaper to buy them! I really need to find myself a source of cheap fabric.

Next on the list is cutting out muslins for the two tops I want to make … for myself! To be honest, I cannot remember the last time I sewed a garment for myself. High school?

I wish I was as full of achieving every weekend. I suspect the key just might have been the lack of wine last night and tonight.

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