After the rain and the hail and the leaks (the expense!) and the very distressing, terrrible things happening in the world, I really was very much in need of a mental health day. So I cunningly scheduled an eye test and GP visit today so as to take advantage of medical leave and get a chance to breathe.

I’ve had glasses for reading / computing for a while now, but I’m also starting to have a little trouble with distance – especially when driving in the dark. The dark thing always rears its head when daylight savings ends. Turns out that I’m ever-so-slightly short sighted – but enough that when EyeDave put appropriate lenses in front of my eyes, the difference was AMAZING! He says my eyes are 20-20, but I could probably do with a pair of glasses in the car for night driving and footy watching – but it is not essential for living and completely up to me. ARGH! Decisions to be made.

My GP appointment was at 10:15am and already SuperHappyFunGP was running over an hour late. No emergencies, but the perils of patients overrunning the 15 min booking system. Once it was my turn, I told him I would happily murder him if I incurred a parking fine. Fortunately I didn’t – and didn’t charge me or the dude before me (nice surprise as he is quite pricey).


Poor Don is terribly unwell with some sort of horrid tummy thing so was at home today too. I bustled about soothing the fevered brow and hunter|gathering tomato soup and saltines (as an aside, who knew that Saladas are exactly the same thing as Saltines?!?! I thought Saltines were one of those magical American-only things!) and various remedies from the chemist.


After I’d actioned the admin and carer items, I busted out the sewing machine and made Don a pair of pyjama pants (if you are a sewist, simplicity has an excellent freebie pyjama pattern for download) from golfy flannel | flannelette fabric I’d acquired some time ago

(proper photo of pants to come – when health arrives)

Instead of my traditional 3xt3m3 30 min pyjama pant sewing, I decided to take it to the next level with technique: french seams on the legs and proper finishes on the crotch seam (though next time I’ll ramp it up and finish the crotch with bias binding) and double needle on the hem. I still need to construct the drawstring and I wasn’t too pleased with the elastic I had to hand, so will probably replace.

Pleasingly, poor sick Don is delighted with the (interim) result – which looks pretty much identical to this.

Three garments to go with my current sewing plans – but I think I’ll also be busting out more of the jammie pants.

Nice to take the time away from life. I’m once again loving sewing after the crazy-intense years of Bessie high school textiles which I think traumatised both of us! I’m considering treating myself with a loop turner, sleeve ironing board and possibly … an overlocker.


Dudes were coming to fix the roof tomorrow – heavy rain is forecast & they’ve already called to manage our expectations.


2 thoughts on “respite

  1. I had to look up what a loop turner is but it looks useful. See, I looked at the pyjama link and thought “for less than $30 I would never get the sewing machine out!” but well done you.

    • I think if I had seen the pants first I would have felt similarly! I only came across them when googling for a link for the fabric!

      Was nice and meditative though!

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