and the rain it raineth every day.

This has been one heck of a few days. SO MUCH RAIN! A once-in-a-decade storm, following close on the heels of the once-in-a-century storm in October.

We’re fortunate that we have not lost power, unlike MrT who will not get electricity back until Friday after a power pole was torn down just outside his house – there are still around 200,000 homes in Sydney without power. Fortunately ThePalace(OfLove) has not collapsed or floated away, but we have experienced some carnage.

Our roof leak has really intensified and has spread to the upstairs landing, our bathroom and walk-through closet. The architrave in the garage collapsed onto the floor and this morning Bessie’s ceiling started pouring water. We’d half-filled a rather large bucket beneath the leak in under an hour – and parts of her bed are soaked from a brand new leak down the party wall.

Verily, damp is our watchword. Thank TheUniverse for our stash of old towels!

Some pix for future remembering.

garage: broken

bessie: bucket

bessie: ceiling


rain radar monday night: 64km

rain radar monday night: 256km

Don was on hold for well over an hour this evening with the insurance company to ascertain whether the claim we made a couple of weeks ago for rain damage will cover this damage or whether we will need to pay another hideous $$ excess (deductible for the USians). Result: inconclusive – they were v. helpful and we’ll find out in due course.

You really think that it will be cool to live in a converted warehouse or modernist box – BUT YOU WOULD BE SO VERY WRONG. Right now I would love a free-standing house with a pointy roof and eaves and those things that stick out over windows – on a hill, with no surrounding trees.

Hey, at least we’re not dealing with ice dams.

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