Once again we wandered down to the park, grabbed a coffee and lounged about watching local cricket.

I think it is maybe 3 (or 4) years since we were there, but we finally busted out the sarong we acquired in New Caledonia. Easy to scrunch into a ball and shove in the bag and much better than sitting in the pokey grass and having bitey ants crawling all over us.

I read a little more of wolf in white van** – as recommended by the most excellent hazelblackberry – I’ll admit I’m struggling with the treacle-ish pace and ever-so-slow reveals.

It was an exceptionally relaxing few hours. As Don pointed out, when you’re slothing about at home you tend to feel guilty because you are not doing stuff – slothing at the park and there are no such guilt issues.

And I really needed relaxing – this week we heard that Dr12 is jumping ship in a couple of months and there are several of us who are devastated. While he may be rather, okay extremely, idiosyncratic, he has shown fabulous leadership, made huge and amazing decisions (such as TheReckoning) and has really empowered and rewarded some of us. The prospect of an internal replacement fills us all with dread.

I had a quiet couple of glasses of wine this evening and sat with the news. Even two glasses hit me like the proverbial – I am sure I will probably regret that decision come the morning.

**$1.92?!? Crazy! I paid 10x that.

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