are you some kind of communist?

As is my way, of course I encouraged the family to complete the vote compass.

And as is their way, they were totally into participating – for there is nothing they like better than a family contest or a chance to compare themselves to each other.

Also as is my way, I was compelled to make a chart of the results.

Despite frequently making charts for a living (though I have people to do that now), I’d not had any occasion to make a scatter plot in excel, so needed to call upon the m4d sk1llz of my lovely husband because it is the most ridiculously unintuitive thing I have ever seen. I think I had forced Vincenzo to do this once, I will apologise on Monday.

Anyway on with the results:

Clearly Joan is our token conservative.

It is very interesting how aligned we all are. Don and I both grew up in families firmly entrenched very far in the bottom right quadrant which we (thankfully) both rebelled against. Fortunately the offspring did not feel the same rebellious compulsion!

8 thoughts on “are you some kind of communist?

    • How has the campaigning been at your end of the electorate?

      We’ve had some Penny Sharpe doorknockers, posters everywhere and several bits & pieces in the mail. I really have a lot of time for her – shame about her party affiliations! The Greens have been Very Quiet – a couple of posters, not a lot of stuff in the letterbox. Will be interesting to see if that ramps up!

    • Harriet!!! I am not surprised – you’ve always been a proper-thinking person đŸ˜‰

      Let us hope we have a similar result to you – though I think Labor NSW has way too much baggage to be reelected so soon.

  1. When is your election? I would say I will watch it closely but we don’t actually get much coverage of interstate politics, I shall have to seek a source of information.

    • It’s on 28 March, so far pretty understated campaigning. Polling so far has libs ahead. They’ve both had their share of corruption scandals. Lots of labor die-hards really hate NSW labor.

      I can recommend The Guardian Australian edition as an excellent source.

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