when too many kitty photos are barely enough

I didn’t get much opportunity to act on my running plans during the week, but yesterday I did my usual 3km route and chopped 10 seconds off my previous time. This was pretty pleasing – particularly as that was not my intention!

This morning I did 4km and what a difference to last weekend’s 4km run – this one was much slower and left me really exhausted.

Three hours, some toast and coffee later and I was still pretty weak. As usual the pace was not much faster than walking! I really hope this is reduced levels of fitness and not that I am getting Joe/Frank’s cold!

I have been attempting some daily core and glutes work, but this could be much more organised than it is and to be honest, I’ve been kind of phoning it in.

Mentally, I’ve been feeling a bit meh over the past few days and it has been really hard to drag myself away from spending hours mindless scrolling on the InformationSuperhighway. There have been no fun projects, no “proper” reading, no complicated cooking, not a good deal of anything.

Don has been working insane hours this week so has not been available to entertain me, but I put this down mostly to the lack of cardio. 10,000 steps per day really doesn’t appear to cut it for me in terms of cheerfulness and positive mental health. I clearly need to sweat – a lot.

It was really only writing it down that I realised what I had been feeling – I must remember that I need to be really vigilant about my moods.

One of today’s action items is to put together an exercise and activity plan for next week. I’m much better at crossing things off a list than trying to remember to do them without a prompt.


Yesterday afternoon we celebrated Joe/Frank’s (21st!!!) birthday a couple of days early with a (very) late lunch at Jamie’s Italian. Excellent value for the six of us1 and the quality of ingredients was, as always, pretty amazing. A very good time was had by all.

I particularly appreciated the diverse non-alcoholic options and enjoyed a really lovely nice strawberry + elderflower cordial with sparkling water. I know we are a nation of very, very, very big drinkers, but I really wish more restaurants/bars/pubs offered something other than the usual ridiculously sugary soft-drinks/sodas or plain water.

1 Ajax being now included in family functions.


I’ve mentioned before that at SML they are dead keen on gift cards as gifts. Our Xmas gift this year was a $50 gift card to … Coles/Myer. Yes, the very same companies I have vowed to avoid.

ARGH! Such a dilemma!

Luckily, Vincenzo happened to mention in passing that one of our colleagues had bought a jbhifi gift card with his Coles/Myer gift card and I thought that this was just about the most genius thing that I had ever heard of!

I did this yesterday which meant that SML put the $50 toward the new camera. Score!

As part of my activities list for this week, I will make a concerted effort to photograph something other than cats!

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