This past weekend I attacked our walk-through wardrobe with white paint and brushes – sadly much too fiddly for rollers.

The whole endeavour took forever, so long that I had time for little else other than some more paint acquisition (for graffiti abatement – argh!), light housework and a couple of satisfying 4-5km(ish) runs.

But AT LAST the majority of ThePalace(OfLove) painting is complete!!

Well, all save the doors, the inside of the babies’ built-in wardrobes and all of Bessie’s bedroom. Sadly we cannot progress with her room because in the new year we will pay a small fortune to have the top balcony properly repaired (as in ripped up, re-waterproofed and re-tiled). This is because the recent incessant rain laughed in the face of the insurance repairs and we had some quite dreadful leaking – mostly confined to Bessie’s room which is directly under it.

But still – hurrah! Very amazing what you can achieve when you’re motivated. Most credit to Don who did most of the motivating.

While painting, I busted out my phone and nifty portable Bluetooth speaker and listened to podcasts, viz: serial (last episode) , this american life , the virtual memories podcast and John Safran’s true crime (this last one is surprisingly interesting).

This was so great that I have subsequently pondered giving audiobooks a crack – despite my previous strong aversion to such things. But Holy!Goodness! Upon investigation, they are not inexpensive, so maybe I’ll consider the pondering a while longer.

Meanwhile, I’ll spend some time basking in the sparkly white glow before we tackle the wretched doors in the new year.

4 thoughts on “soothing

  1. Tackling (and finally finishing) those house projects is so liberating! Congratulations! I gave my kitchen a cheap facelift a couple of months ago and smile each time I walk in. Also, it was a nice surprise to see you’re listening to Gil’s podcast; I’m going to start lobbying to accompany him as the official Virtual Memories photographer if he keeps interviewing such interesting people.

    Enjoy the new sparkly white glow and happy 2015!

    • Amy!!

      It was totally Roth-mas (Roth-mukka?) in my haus this morning with your excellent newsletter and Gil’s completely wild treatise on coffee – which totally needs to make it to the podcast – popping up on my tablet.

      I’m a rather late adopter to the podcast, I’ve long been meaning to (particularly since the blog has been less posts and more podcast wrap-ups), but tech got in the way.

      Gil has Truly The Very Best sign-off Ever. Don and I keep repeating it to each other in a terribly pitiful attempt at a Gil accent.

      And yes, you should absolutely be Official Photographer.

      Happy Holidays!

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