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So I’ve been taking the running slowly and not doing anything too stupid and keeping it to a very conservative 3 runs a week.

This week it was a 3km morning run on Friday and a 5km run yesterday. All very slow, like 30-60 seconds per km slower than I was running before. Given that I was already pretty slow, this is barely one step up from walking.

I’d planned a nice and easy 4km this morning. When I got outside and pressed go on the magical device it started madly buzzing and wouldn’t stop (and wouldn’t start tracking me). So I hustled back indoors to consult the InformationSuperHighway. Thankfully I managed to turn it off, but then it was pretty much dead. No factory reset, no connecting to the PC. Gah!

Despite TheUniverse clearly trying to tell me something, I decided to head out anyway. All was good until about km 3 when I think I was trying to read the embedded street name on the kerb, tripped (up the ramp, no less) and stacked it in spectacular fashion.

example embedded street name – not the one I tripped over

Fortunately I only ended up with a small graze on my right palm and a little one on the side of my knee (and now a bit of a sore right foot). About 500m later I was trying to work out in my head quite how I had fallen, was distracted by the city view, tripped and almost fell up the kerb ramp again, but managed to right myself.

Clearly I need a little more focus!

The garmin still is not working, I have emailed support, based on this useful thread. It was not inexpensive, so let’s hope it can be sorted!

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