an example to others

I was fortunate to score an appointment withRelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio this afternoon. And yes, adductor strain which required loads of taping.

the red and the black

I could have photoshopped the wobbly thigh, but I am all about the verisimilitude.

I’m apparently the physio’s poster girl for what happens when you have a less than suitable trainer. So much so that when they heard one of their patients had a fabulous PT who incorporated all the rehab work into the sessions, they thought of me (even before I hurt myself again). And emailed the patient to find out the details. Great customer service!

So I’ve sucked it up and dumped the FatController … via text. I was very appreciative and regretful.

Oh! he has just sent me a quite lovely response. Thought quite possibly the fact that I “never looked like giving up once” was part of my injury problem!

Anyway, I’ve bought a very inexpensive jawbone up and once I get the all-clear, I’ll be counting lots of steps!

And no more sledgehammers unless I am smashing something.

4 thoughts on “an example to others

  1. super cheap! that is the one I had before this one and left in the tray at airport security. It does exactly what the one I have now does except the current one has bluetooth. No biggie. Exciting!

    • That is very good to know, I was concerned it would be less good, but at that price I think I could have lived with it.

      It arrived yesterday afternoon and I’ve just activated this morning (the app needed ios8.1 and it took hours and hours to upgrade). Already I’ve taken 124 steps which was up and down the stairs and putting dishes away.

      Very keen to see how this goes, pretty sure I’m doing nowhere near enough steps.

    • I think you would too! It is genius.

      Much success with 5:2, all our clothes are quite baggy – I haven’t been a size 10 in about 7 years, I think. I’m definitely more slender now than I was at the peak of running / no alcohol.

      I still find it a bit of a challenge during the day. I think the challenge is mostly psychological as I don’t really eat that much on other days and don’t go about constantly thinking of food.

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