too much fun

I was lazing about in bed reading the tablet on Saturday morning when I received an email from imdb saying they had reset my password (I have an imdb account?) because “as part of [their] routine monitoring, [they] discovered a list of email address and password sets posted online … [they] believe your email address and password set was on that list”.

I casually mentioned this to Don, thinking it was some sort of weird phishing thing, and he was all like, “yeah, did you not hear about that thing?” I hadn’t. Clearly I’ve changed my InformationSuperHighway reading habits because once I was the one who would have known all about the thing.

And yes, mine was on that list of the 5 million email addresses and, given that I had not updated my email password for rather longer than is prudent, I spent the most of the morning updating just about everything. Tiresome.

I then spent the afternoon painting the trim upstairs glossy white (two coats!), which was tedious, but now looks genius. We’re motivated to continue on the third floor landing – possibly next weekend (golf-dependent).

Afterward I was completely exhausted and with a Very Very Sore Neck. But worth it for the Achieving!

Sunday morning we were out to get bits and pieces and look at bedheads. I am not sure if I have confessed that we are using our GiantTelevision box as a bedhead? And have been doing so for over a year. It is definitely time for something proper, but we have specific requirements that apparently do not exist in anything outside my head.

And in the afternoon I worked and worked on SML work. Much dullness, but also, more Achieving!

I also ran a very short distance, let’s just say it was not my best outing.

And so I creep ever closer to being that high-achieving-go-getter I dream of being.

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