projects 2014: 8 months in

Already, we’re 1/4 way into September, but let’s review August’s results:

  1. Project 2014: Running – get back to running 15km on a regular basis.
    FAIL!: But I know what I am doing wrong and Holy!Goodness! I am determined to work my way back – sensibly and slowly!

  2. Project 2014: Frugality – buy nothing unnecessary in 2014
    ACHIEVED!: I am pretty sure that I bought nothing – really August was kind of a blur.

  3. Project 2014: Foodz – try a new recipe twice per month AND document it
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED!: New things were tried, documentation was lacking.

  4. Project 2014: Micro-travel – Go away for (at least) FOUR weekends
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED!: No weekends in August, but only one weekend to go for the FY.

  5. Project 2014: Education – Diploma of Advanced Manageressing
    FAIL!: Pastoral care at my institution touched base with me last week (a mere 9 months after I enrolled). I spoke of my dilemma (ie. I have 3 months to finish and this is not realistic). They are investigating my extension options. If I want this alleged amazing SML opportunity, I think I am going to have to complete this.

  6. Project 2014: Escape – make plans for getting the heck out of SML
    FAIL!: Well, 1 September brought surprises which means this project is now (temporarily) abandoned.

  7. Project 2014: Try New Things – one new thing per month
    ACHIEVED!: Used a pilates reformer machine for the first time

  8. Project 2014: Romance – do one couple-y/date-y thing per fortnight
    FAIL!: No dates

  9. Project 2014: Watching – watch good film and television regularly
    FAIL!: Does footy count? As a fam, we’ve been watching Jonathan Creek (

  10. Project 2014: Sobriety – don’t drink too much alcohol
    FAIL!: Hahahahahaha, no.

  11. Project 2014: Reading – for every trashy book I read for teh lulz, read something proper
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED!: From the dregs of my most excellent epubs file, I randomly selected Claire Bertschinger: Moving Mountains, it was very worthy, but kind of hard going and I did not have my usual rip through it to the exclusion of all else approach. Fortunately I’ve picked up a few Much Superior things for September.

Can we say totes boring? Fortunately September has already proved a little more interesting.

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