who knew that spring onions/scallions flowered?

I think, apart from the chilis and rosemary, that these are the best things I have grown. Possibly better as I cannot believe kitchen cast-offs can be so amazingly productive. At the current rate, we will never have to buy spring onions/scallions again.


We’ve been on a bit of a Palace(OfLove) cleaning frenzy this weekend, including taking the steam-mop to the rug downstairs (favourite pooping spot of NewKitty) and our bedroom carpet (fave wee-ing spot of BabyKitty).

NewKitty has the most ghastly innards you could conceive of, so we’re staging an intervention with lovingly prepared chicken broth and specially formulated, hideously expensive, food for kitties with ghastly innards.

Truly these adorable beasts will send us to the PauvrePalace.

I always remember this when I am tempted by a third … or a puppy.


Don and I went for an unheard of date on Friday evening. Heather and I were catching up for celebratory drinks and Don and I kicked on for dinner.

We wandered about Newtown for an age and ended up and Spencer Guthrie. Perfect! Really interesting combinations and flavours (blood pudding, chocolate + pear – heavenly!). Highly recommended.

We agreed that we need to get out more.


Heather and I were out celebrating his super-secret new job. Super-secret because it has not been announced, pending other announcements post-ops-review, which are also secret. Bits-crossed for reckoning.

After Ajax moved sideways from the job of death, I’d suggested that Heather should approach Hecate about combining the roles (with a sizeable increase in salary, natch). When Hecate tried to fob the job of death off to me, I asked whether she had considered Heather and she said he wasn’t quite ready. It was only when H’Aggie independently came to the same conclusion and lobbied Dr12 that the wheels were set in motion.

You can see why I loved H’Aggie – it’s like she was in my brain. Except for those ugly 3D charts – they would never be in my brain <shudder>.


At celebratory drinks, as you do, Heather and I were talking of SML things and noted we’ve both recently come to the realisation that we are really rather over-paid for what we do (indeed, he will be even more overpaid soon).

Heather has been there 11 months less than me and we’re both looking down the barrel of having rather a lot more paid time off available to us. It’s one of those should we stay and just milk it as long as we are able? decisions.

Don is all on board with the stay-and-milk-it strategy. If only I could stop obsessing about various unpleasant and frustrating aspects, and focus on the lovely, lovely potential holidays, the opportunities, the cash and the flexibility, I would be sweet.

Indeed, it would be better for my overall mental health if I could obsess a little less and chillax a little more … about everything

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  1. ok, so here is the thing. 1. No job is worth it if it causes you stress 2. You may be “well paid” but are you comparing your salary with other roles in the market which have the degree of analytical capability you demonstrate? 3. I know the LSL is tempting but assuming that you get that early 2015 you should still be considering your position – start talking to recruiters now (don’t just look at what are in job ads) – you probably want a couple of jobs you are not wild about so you can practice interviewing – and at that rate you will find it may take until Feb to find a job that interests you. If you want until Feb to start looking, you won’t find a job until mid year. Either way, going after other jobs will help you identify if it is really that intolerable or if you can compromise for the benefits. Are you really going to stay in a job that sucks your sole for 2 or 3 months LSL? You can even use that as a bargaining chip in a new job “well, if I stay at SML then I am eligible for LSL so would like another week’s leave or another $10k” Rant over

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