can i be you?

So we’ve had a highly-paid (is there any other type) consultant, pal of Dr12, in at SML for a couple of months now to do an operations review. We’ll call her H’Aggie.

Eye-rolly as I am about consultants, I adored H’Aggie – probably because she agreed with everything I had been on about for ages and the approaches I had adopted, but which Hecate (and TheProfessor) had put a stop to via KingLear. H’Aggie very quickly worked out who was who in the zoo and easily identified all the areas of weakness.

Heather, Vincenzo and I were constantly delighted by her consultant talk: “let me just wash this over you”. And it was just so nice to have some positive energy around.

And such a high-achieving-go-getter! She has the consultancy, an additional very successful side business, is glamorous, well-dressed, completely together, lovely … all the things.

And then we discovered she has small children. Eeek! How do people pull this having-it-all off?

As with all things, no one is perfect, we discovered a weakness – her documents and charts are FULL OF UGLY (so, so, so hideous). Perhaps I should offer myself up as a document wrangler to the consultancy.

In good news, her mysterious and secret recommendations are going to the Board at the end of the month, so lets hope there is a reckoning.

2 thoughts on “can i be you?

  1. One of the best things about being a consultant I think would be not having to engage with all the politicking that goes on in offices. You could just sit there thinking, you maybe an arse but you are paying me a grand a day to listen to this rubbish and after this I never have to see you again.

    • All that and oftentimes delivering not a great deal that is useful

      We were aghast to discover that (barely competent) former colleague (with amazing redundancy payout) was recently earning AU$600 PER DAY consulting to super-crazy-right-wing-news-outlet.

      Also horrified to learn that one of the nicest, but stupidest person (really, so, so dumb), I’ve ever worked with has obtained a highly-paid gig with a very reputable consulting firm.

      I need to get on that.

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