last weekend in july

ARGH! Long post eaten by InformationSuperHighway! Let’s try that again!

The FatController could not make our session on Saturday, so through lack of complete exhaustion on my part, we managed to Action quite a lot of Items on the Weekend List. There was much crafting and cooking and … other things which escape me.

And I managed to run outside! Only 3km and very challenging it was too. I did not take the garmin (so did the run even happen?) so I have no idea how I went – but I’ve learned that I really need to add some faux hills into my treadmill runs. Slow and steady and all that.


Bessie took a break from her enfattening us project and made some bread sticks (from marie claire: spicy)

Really excellent, but like the crackers, really did not back up at all well. We need to obtain a super-airtight container for future experiments.


I busted out my new tartan tights and denim shirt-dress (with awesome pockets):


Bessie and I visited a rather lame local school fete, where she purchased some rather ordinary treats and a very-good-looking cakes cookbook.

More enfattening is sure to ensue.


Don’s first experience with the eminently disgusting vegemite:

His conversion to totes aus is complete!


And lots of sleeping!

Indeed, we slept in (after feeding the ravenous, bitey beasties at 6:25am) for the first time in aeons! To, like, 9:15 am!


I anticipate that the upcoming week will be completely ghastly, not the least because Vincenzo has been called for jury duty selection tomorrow – let us just hope he’s not chosen for that 20 week trial or my life will be very, very much pain for the next few months.

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