7kg medicine balls

Buildings of Bourke Street Mall

Yesterday I ducked out of SML a little early to catch-up for drinks with Dishy(ex)Boss who was down from bucolic spendor for the afternoon. We’d been in periodic email contact, but I’d not actually seen him since, I think, April 2013. He kept remarking how wonderful I looked – probably because the last time he saw me I had only just started to lose some kg and still rather resembled a pudding. We barely drew breath in the time we were together. It was so, so brilliant to see him. We were both a bit “squeeeee – this is so great!” and we’re making a boozy lunch date for some time in September. I really very much miss having him around.

Unfortunately one of the side-effects of the catching up was that I had the teensiest hangover this morning and my session with the FatController was hard (well, it is always hard). I’m 6 sessions in now and he commented on how much I had improved in that time (though obviously there was no jumping involved – I still suck massively at that). Because he is always sneakily ramping up the weights and difficulty I barely notice any improvement because it always hard, so it was excellent to hear. Five more sessions remain of my block, but I’m definitely going to take another block of 10.

As a consequence of the impossible training session (which involved hauling the GiantTyre via the GiantRope up a great height & using the sledgehammer), I am completely exhausted and have pretty much resembled a sloth for most of the day. Apart from essentials, very little has been actioned. Well, apart from the couple of hours spent ridding my computer of the rather nasty and intractable malware infection which Don inadvertently gave it last evening while watching the british open. Clearly TheUniverse was trying to tell me to back up my files to the external HD, though the 19 hours it claims are remaining is not a little daunting!

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