50before50 (2)

Buildings of Bourke Street Mall: Diamond House

I’ve been horrid about getting to the gym during the week (forever), so told myself if I made it there this evening for a short, sharp burst of cardio, I could reward myself with a glass (or two) of wine.

Worked brilliantly.


And I’ve been giving a little more thought, in an idle kind of way, to the 50 things to do before I turn 50 (1,230 days) project.

Already on the list:

  1. visit Vietnam and Cambodia
  2. run in a half-marathon
  3. participate two runs (of any distance) that are not in Sydney
  4. stay (well) under 70kg (154lbs) for the next 1,254 days
  5. gtfo of SML (or resign myself to seeing out my days there and shut the hell up about the horror)
  6. 100 proper push-ups in a row (currently I can do about 5, okay probably 3)
  7. sign up for a pilates class(es)
  8. make a patchwork quilt
  9. make a garment for myself and wear it (pyjama pants don’t count)

    And adding to the list

  10. visit Japan
  11. build a wee model boat (still so bitter that my parents would not allow me to buy a kit)
  12. go skiing
  13. complete the painting of ThePalace(OfLove)
  14. see a decent production of Macbeth
  15. construct something with electricity – building a computer doesn’t count
  16. learn to complete a cryptic crossword

34 items to go!

2 thoughts on “50before50 (2)

    • Oh yes, you should do the 50before50 project (if only so I can poach ideas!) – I’m finding it is an interesting exercise in focussing the mind.

      Whether the quilt eventuates remains to be seen – I think I’ve had most of the fabric for over 10 years.

      That Hamlet does look enticing …

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