teeny teeth marks everywhere

I’m currently sitting about recovering from my 10km run on the treadmill this morning, the running of which was just as boring as you’d imagine. Once I get past the first 35min I find I settle in and lose the “I really hate running on the treadmill” thing … slightly. I feel very virtuous.

Last evening we dragged ourselves out to watch the Ducks play Carlton with around 34.5k other people.

It was very cold:

And then it got colder (blanket not pictured):

The Ducks won convincingly after a very, very slow start. That makes 12 wins in a row, the first time since 1935. If this keeps up we may make the Grand Final – and Holy!Goodness! we have vowed to not miss out on attending another one – hang the cost.

We arrived home about an hour after the usual evening kitty feeding time and they were obviously very glad to see us. While they were waiting they had attempted to fend for themselves by opening Don’s bedside drawer, dragging out two bags of kitty treats and chewing through the plastic! Clever monsters.

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