Buildings of Bourke Street Mall

I think Saturday mornings are now my (almost) favourite time of the week. I adore seeing what sort of impossible activities the FatController has dreamed up for me. It is such hard work and I was so utterly exhausted at the end of the today’s session that when we were boxing I forgot the duck in the left, right, duck, right and was duly punched in the head. Fortunately it was more funny than anything.

Afterward, Don and I went to ikea to pick up some led bulbs for the new lights in the bedroom (which we will have to return because they are weirdly sized and don’t fit) and bunnings for some painting supplies and such for the rusty balcony. There was not a great deal of achieving on my part other than that. Don attacked the rusty balcony with a wire brush and applied rust converter. I lolled about on the InformationSuperHighway and did the guardian quick crossword.

I blame exhaustion for the fact that I washed a new white dress together with a new navy dress. I now have a new grey-ish dress.

Ducks game tonight. I’m really not feeling it, but will go along (and freeze) anyway.

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