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This whole “secondment” to DivisionIncompetent is really very soul-sucking.

All Vincenzo and I are required to do is monitor and update a schedule/project plan for two major projects and watch deadlines be missed and missed and missed and endlessly reconfigure dates because of conflicts and slippage. To be fair (as Joe/Frank would say), the schedule/project plan was a complete disaster and was in desperate need of intervention, but really, we can still do our regular jobs and update too – all offers of assistance in other areas have been rejected. The incompetent management is immensely frustrating and dispiriting.

And there seems no end in sight – what was supposed to end in May has now apparently extended to the end of the financial year (June 30). But who knows if that will be the end of it.

At the moment, Long Service Leave seems much too far away to be able to hold on for. So, after a fashion, I’ve decided to Take Action. I’ve passed on my CV, last updated in 2007, to the most excellent Joan to update (she adores such things), along with my Position Description and a list of the key functions of our department. I’ve found one job which I will send off for once I have a final version and I’ll actively monitor the job adverts.

Goal is now just to get the hell out.

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